We are currently building our team of amazing individuals looking to serve their community as Patient Safety Sitters.

Would you like to enrich your life and the lives of others while providing a service to the community you live in? Are you a retired person, college student, or other individual looking to make extra money? We are seeking a compassionate patient sitter to join our workforce. You will provide patients with the companionship and emotional support they require, and supervise patients who are at risk of harming themselves or others. Patient sitters replace older forms of patient supervision like restraints and seclusion rooms. To be successful as a patient sitter, you should be an excellent communicator, with a strong ability to listen to people who are often undergoing highly emotional, frightening experiences. Top candidates will also be respectful and discreet.

Patient Safety Sitter Job Description.

As a Patient Safety Sitter, you will provide continual observation of one patient and assist the nursing staff in providing a safe environment for the patient. You will report any changes in the patient’s condition to the appropriate health care team member and you will be under the direction of the Licensed Nurse assigned to the patient being cared for. This position is well-suited to individuals who are compassionate and empathetic, enjoy helping others, and have excellent interpersonal skills.


-Maintain continuous visual contact with the patient at all times., remains alert and observant at all times. 

-Intervene to prevent the patient from falling and/or pulling at tubes/drains/lines.

-Providing patients with emotional support.

-Refraining from performing additional, unauthorized functions.

-Alerting nursing staff when the patient needs help.

-Maintaining confidentiality of patient information.

-Adhering to relevant policies, procedures, and standards. 

-Ensure you are positioned in the assigned patient’s room to maintain constant visual observation

-Ensure the patient is never alone or out of sight unless instructed otherwise by the nurse.

-Will receive a verbal report from the nurse regarding what to look out for, what to report, and to whom.

-Maintain accurate and legible records as required by the hospital patient safety sitter policy.

-Maintain the patient’s privacy and confidentiality at all times as required by local, state, and federal laws.

-Communicate to the healthcare team any patient requests, complaints, needs, problems, or potential risks to the patient or others.

-Completion of Safe Sitter class upon hire.

-Attends mandatory training sessions, in-services, and team meetings. 


- MUST BE 18 or older.

-You may be exposed to patients in high emotional distress and must maintain a compassionate and professional approach at all times.

-Outstanding communication, listening, and observation skills for interaction with patients, families, visitors, team members, physicians, and other hospital personnel.

-Ability to respond swiftly.

-Professional appearance and proficient personal hygiene.

-Calm, confident manner. 

-Undeterred by distressed or combative patients.

-Typical shifts are in 8 to12 hour increments and coverage will be needed for all hours including weekends, holidays, and nights. 

-Basic problem-solving skills for effective problem and conflict resolution.

-Ability to perform efficiently and effectively under stressful and emergency situations.

-Ability to read, write, perform simple mathematical calculations, and follow written and verbal instructions.

Physical Demands

-Sitting for extended periods of time.

-Must be able to walk, bend, stoop, and reach/lift above your head, without any assistive devices. 

-Must be able to read the documentation in a variety of formats such as in print and electronically.

-Must be able to hear adequately enough in order to clearly communicate with others and use communication devices such as telephones, must be able to hear patients, alarms, call bells, etc.

-Maintains mental and emotional stability, using a courteous and calm approach in all contacts with patients, visitors, and healthcare team members.

How to Join Our Team

Please submit your basic information with contact information on the contact form below. Keep in mind, your information will not be shared with any party other than for the purpose of joining our workforce.

It's time to serve your community and join our team.

Earning potential will range from $16-$20 per hour depending on your experience.


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